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Replacing Roof – August 2015

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Sean and Pete’s family firm did a fantastic job of replacing our roof.

Bit by bit we are working to sympathetically modernise our century-old semi-detached home. We are fairly handy but we needed some expert assistance to replace the entire slate roof as various parts of the timber structure had begun to fail. We’re reasonably handy but this scale of work is beyond what we can sensibly handle, so we began looking for a good quality local building firm to help us out.

We considered lots of options and listened to the recommendations of other trades people that we had worked with in the Chesterfield area. However, in the end, the decision was simple and we are delighted that we used Sean and Pete’s firm.

From initial conversations we felt comfortable with them and their approach, especially as they really seemed to listen and understand exactly what we were hoping to achieve. I was also impressed when, on the run up to the build, I had the opportunity to take a quick look over another project that they were working on. The site was organised, tidy and industrious and they were only too happy to talk me through what they were doing. This obviously demonstrated to us not just their confidence in what they do but that they are also comfortable with scrutiny from their customers.

When the time came the work progressed with the minimum of fuss and with plenty of friendly exchanges. Everything happened when they said it would and there were no unpleasant surprises. Plus, they understand family life and got on well with our two young children and neighbour.

An added bonus for myself was that as I enjoy carrying out a lot of the work on the house myself and am interested in the process they were only too happy for me to get up on the scaffold whilst work was going on to take a good look around and learn what I can.

Works were completed within the original timescale and budget; however, the best part is that the final result, finished in reclaimed slates, looks great and helps to retain the character of the house.

We’re confident that we invested well in working with Sean and Pete and are very pleased with the quality of the work (even my ex-builder father-in-law is impressed with the finished result). I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends, family and anyone else looking for help with any building work, we would certainly have them back in the future.

Leon Hayward, Rhodesia Road, Chesterfield